Tribridge camps aim to not just educate, but to empower, cultivate, and inspire by bringing you programs that are relevant and provided by global institutions and real world leader.


The heart of innovation and entrepreneurship is about being able to navigate uncharted territory, the course promotes a human-centered, self-learning, and inquiry-based approach where students are actively involved in attaining and growing their own understanding.

Collaboration, innovation, and impact are increasingly among the most critical skills to possess. So, we use student-led entrepreneurial immersion to provide experience with these while examining the elements of impactful success.

Throughout the course, participants work in teams to explore the various issues a founding team must tackle in order to launch and run a successful company. This includes describing concepts with real-world examples and discussing them. Participants are challenged to explore the concept of value through these examples and their group project. The course concludes with a pitch day.

This is learning through doing!

Program Description

Social impact

Awareness and insight into global issues is best inspired through meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds. With this experience, you’ll meet a variety of global travellers/change- makers/social impact leaders who are making a difference in their local communities and abroad.

Delivered primarily through live class interactions, you’ll meet with instructors from different parts of the world with particular focus on the Philippines. The course promotes interactive conversations with these changemakers and includes short videos showing life in an indigenous tribe community based in  Zambales, Philippines.   

Over three sessions, you will meet with three different young entrepreneurs working hard at their social enterprise startup – business designed to deliver profit with purpose.   

You’ll learn about their specific challenges and be encouraged to contribute ideas.   An option to continue an internship post-course is also available.

Program Description


Your leadership program will be led by three-four different business leaders with extensive industry experience who have delivered leadership coaching to both students groups, industry colleagues  and their business employees and clients.

Delivered primarily through live class interactions, you’ll meet with instructors covering a different aspect of leadership each day with a combination of advisory, storytelling, reflection and exercises to demonstrate and practice the new knowledge/skillsets. The course promotes interactive conversations with these leaders and your course colleagues.

You’ll learn holistically about the various dimensions of leadership and have a chance to put them in practice.

Program Description