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Tribridge’s founding principle is to deliver amazing educational experiences in the most effective and engaging way possible. Our singular focus is on providing students, schools, and other organizations with exceptional opportunities to help learners fulfil their potential and advance to the next level of their abilities.
To achieve this, we build and maintain relationships with educators from around the world and, through our efforts, we continuously improve our programs and teaching methods. We bring educational programs from the world's best universities to the rest of the world. Unlike MOOCs most of our programs offer the sponsor university's academic credits. We also work with other education and professional organizations to help them partner with some of best universities in world.

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C. Scott Hindell

teacher UCLA Extension

Scott has over 30 years of teaching experience, and currently teaches a variety of disciplines for UCLA Extension (since 2001). The majority of his programs fall under the disciplines of business, management, entrepreneurship, design and global sustainability.  Scott has performed workshops, spoken at conferences and to groups in the United States and abroad. Notable examples of these include: Workshops – 25 CEOs and business leaders from the Chinese Productivity Center; and students and professors from several Chinese universities. Conferences – TEDx-UCLA; and California Restaurant Industry Conference. Groups – Ahmedabad Management Association, American Chamber of Commerce Japan; American Institute of Graphic Artists; and American Marketing Association.